How To Prevent Yard Work Related Injuries

Your lawn and yard look beautiful and attractive if taken good care of it. However, mowing your lawn and working in your yard, if not careful, can cause a number of injuries or even death. It is advisable to be very careful while working on your yard or mowing lawn. You may want to spend some time mowing and raking your garden to improve your home’s curb appeal, but you should note that doing so might get you seriously injured or even killed if you are not very careful with your tools and the location. Thousands find themselves in the emergency room and occasionally the morgue due to serious yard work-related injuries.

Below are injuries that are common while working in the backyard or mowing your lawn.  For a more detailed article on safety precautions to take while lawn mowing, you can click this link right here.

1. Chainsaw injuries

Chainsaws are very powerful cutting tools that require much attention and skills to handle. They are very useful when trimming large tree branches to make the yard look more appealing. However, this terror tool is behind more than 30, 000 emergency room cases annually. In fact, doctors record a higher number of chainsaw-related injuries following natural disasters like hurricanes and thunderstorms than during other seasons. Many homeowners often take out their chainsaws to cut fallen trees and their branches after natural disasters. Be careful not to cut your toes and limbs with a chainsaw while working beautifying the yard.

2. Bumblebee and insect bite

In your desire to make your garden look attractive, you may find yourself crossing the path of rogue bumblebees. The bushes and shrubs in your backyard can be home to deadly bees and wasps. Bee stings and insect bites can be fatal, as 100 or more Americans die annually due to such causes. Others are allergic to insect bites, and this makes the backyard a dangerous place to be.

3. A shot to the face by a lawnmower

The lawnmower also poses a danger to users. Its blades can launch a rock or stick straight to your face. The fast-rotating blades can also shoot tiny objects in the eye, causing gruesome injuries and even blindness. Many people have suffered fractured limbs due to objects shot from the ground by the rotating blades. These can also injure bystanders. So next time you are working on your lawn, make sure there are no people around. Also, wear safety goggles to protect against flying objects.

4. Ladder falls

A day at the yard trimming the hedges can turn tragic if you fall off your ladder. You can break your back, neck, and limbs from a ladder fall, depending on how high you are and where you land. America records about 220,000 ladder-related injuries each year.

5. Electrocution

Your desire to take your yard beautification program a notch higher can get you electrocuted. If you decide to do any planting, ensure it is far from a power line. In fact, you can give your utility company a call to help you avoid locations with power lines. People have been sent to their early graves after making contact with power lines while planting trees in their yards.